Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday Steve Sondheim, happy birthday to you!

To paraphrase Steve, which I do an awful lot of, what more can I say? Well, probably a great deal more, so I will. There cannot be enough words to thank this man today, on his 80th birthday (wow!) Continue reading

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Jean Simmons, a Chelsea Pines Inn Remembrance

When most people hear the name Jean Simmons, they immediately think of the “Kiss” guy (his name is spelled GENE), but some of us think of a delicate, beautiful British-born actress, a two-time Oscar nominee and Golden Globe and Emmy Award winner, whose career spanned six decades and who left a body of work that should have guaranteed her lasting fame but is largely unknown today. At Chelsea Pines Inn, where “there are more stars than there are in heaven,” Jean Simmons’ star continues to shine as brilliantly as it did during the height of her fame in the 1950s and 60s. Continue reading

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Chelsea Pines salutes Doris Day and Nellie McKay!

Chelsea Pines is the home to film stars of the golden age, which thanks to home video and DVRs we can see and enjoy their films any time we want. But no star was bigger, brighter or more multi-talented than Doris Day. Ms. Day has had a “room” at Chelsea Pines (as do 21 other iconic film stars) for many years now, and she has been a personal favorite of mine since I was a kid. Obviously, this is true for my guests as well, as her room has always been among the most requested. And we can now thank Nellie McKay, one of the music world’s most popular singers, for revisiting the world of Doris Day’s music. Continue reading

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Celebrating 40 Years (Stonewall, Moonwalking, Woodstock and Coming Out)

Just having seen the new Ang Lee TAKING WOODSTOCK (a major disappointment from a major filmmaker), it is probably time to recall the world 40 years ago this summer. And quite a world it was in the summer of ’69. Continue reading

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