al ridolfo

Al_Ridolfo_readyAl was born in New York Hospital on a sunny winter Sunday morning, and like every Sunday’s child he is “bonny and blithe and good and gay”. Growing up in New York City and the northern suburbs has given Al an extensive knowledge of the City and its environs.

As a young man he attended college at Fordham University in the Bronx, desiring an actual campus with trees and grass, and enjoying its proximity Arthur Avenue (Little Italy in the Bronx) and the world famous Bronx Zoo.  During his college years he spent many nights in Greenwich Village trying (unsuccessfully) to be the coolest guy on campus.

Unlike many Manhattanites, Al can drive.  He prefers red cars with a manual transmission and rag top, but, being at the mercy of Hertz, he takes what they give him.  His love of the ocean took him on many road trips to Cape Cod, Fire Island, the Jersey Shore, and other east coast beaches, so if you need driving directions he’ll be happy to give them to you.

In 1991, after many years developing computer systems for major US companies, Al made a career change and took a position here at Chelsea Pines Inn.

Al has lived on the east side, the west side, and all around the town.  He lives in Greenwich Village near Sheridan Square, Christopher Street, and Washington Square Park, with his spouse, Brad.